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Corium - Bar Tape Corium - Bar Tape
  • Bar Tape
Performance with classic style
High Performance Bar Tape High Performance Bar Tape
  • Bar Tape
Lightweight, elastic and absorbs vibrations
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Bike handlebar tape: functionality and style.

A cyclist knows it: his racing bike, among many qualities, has infinite customization possibilities. From the color of the frame to the saddle. One of the first details that strike the viewer, however, is undoubtedly the handlebar tape.

The bike handlebar tape it must be the perfect combination of two essential characteristics. Aesthetics, this is because the eye also wants its part and for suddenly design is fundamental, and functionality, to guarantee you an always comfortable ride.

Equipping your bicycle with efficient handlebar tape is essential, especially for cyclists who do not usually wear gloves.
Repente handlebar tapes offer the highest quality standards available on the market. They are made with top-performing materials: hypoallergenic and multilayer, they stand out for their lightness and elasticity, guaranteeing excellent absorption of shocks and vibrations. The coating
material used is a polyurethane, which ensures excellent grip and greater handlebar control.

Corium is the latest addition to our range of handlebar tapes: an innovative product that perfectly combines design and efficiency.