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Each Repente saddle was designed with a specific purpose. This saddle has been designed for:

time trial

We called it Magnet, and not by chance: just like a magnet, it keeps you glued to your ideal riding position. The Repente triathlon saddle has been designed to fully meet the needs of triathletes who prefer the aero position and of "no draft" racers. 

The Magnet design allows power to be maintained effectively even over long distances. The anatomical shaping and the progressive thickness padding allow the tip of the saddle to be used without any soreness.  

The tip is wider than standard saddles to provide more consistent support and better comfort in the aerodynamic position. 

Repente's triathlon saddles are incredibly light and outstandingly rigid at the same time. Top quality materials are an absolute must for us. At just 135 grams, this record lightweight triathlon saddle is by far below the average for this type of saddle. 

Magnet is not fitted with a standard metal rail: it features a UD carbon fibre rail, and the shell is also 100% carbon fibre.

The front part of the cover has a thin insert of gripping material that avoids unwanted movements on the saddle, without however any constraints on the athlete during normal position adjustments.  

An especially long rail allows for a long saddle travel on the clamp. 

Magnet is a saddle used on time trial bikes, too. The "baptism of fire" for this saddle happened with the professional team Casa Rural - Rga, who successfully tested Magnet during timed stages at the Vuelta a Espana.